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KPIs for voice

The perfect companion for your web analytics is called call analytics. Phone call conversations with clients can now be added to your KPIs. With a focus on marketing and sales, AdMix can provide deeper insights into the digital sales journey like you have never seen before.

  • Sales team metrics
  • Marketing metrics
  • Conversation metrics
  • Infrastructure metrics

Improve customer experience

Leading brands around the world accredit their success to unmatched customer experience. Admix goes the extra mile to ensure your efforts carry through in your phone calls.

Customer loyalty is more important than ever and so often a simple phone call can ruin or save a relationship. The limitation we are solving is that we allow you to take control of all your conversations and make the most of it, improve it and leave your competition in the dust.

"A review of our current goals reveals some interesting statistics: 360 of the 452 goals will have a direct impact on customer experience."

Jeff Bezos  

Integrate with your systems

It's easy to install a PABX system, but often it does not fit seamlessly into your marketing or sales technology stack. AdMix can integrate with a PABX, your CRM as well as with your marketing tools.

Leverage customer engagement easier than ever.

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