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Marketing forms a large percentage of most company’s expenses. From a myriad of marketing channels, tracking leads is massive undertaking. One solution to credibly tracking your lead journey would be call tracking. Instead of wasting marketing spend you can get quality marketing insights into what campaigns and channels are inspiring quality leads and which ones are being glanced over and ignored.

Know what works, and what doesn’t.

Stop spending money on things that don’t work.

Every cent you save makes you more profitable. See which channels are driving the most reaction, how many leads each channel drove. Some channels are rather expensive, so it’s hard to commit to paying some of these marketing sites if they are not performing well.

Drop the areas that don’t get positive responses and focus on those that do.

Embrace omni-channel

Complete your one view of the customer

Complete your lead profile with one view. With so many touch points at play with a customer's journey, calls tend to differentiate those that are testing the waters with those that are serious.

AdMix offers a way to include calls into your customer data for a more inclusive picture of your marketing efforts.

Build a client database

Keep in touch with your customers

It's really great if you no longer have to ask every client for their telephone number, while they are talking with you over the phone. Be in the know the whole time.

Your clients profile is then saved and stored for all your future interactions.

Leverage customer engagement easier than ever.

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