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One of the most challenging parts of any business is lead follow up. Click to call allows you to solve this from the lead capture phase on your website. Should a client submit a form online, a call will be automatically initiated to one of your call staff. When they accept the call, they will be connected to the lead in seconds.

The 5 reasons why to make use of our click to call

  • Get to the buyer immediately, stop them from even searching any further.
    When you get in touch the they buyer with intent to buy immediately, it basically demotivates them to search for others.
  • Automated process.
    This call-back process kicks off on form submission, no human intervention needed.
  • Increase the chance of the buyer turning into a customer.
    Talking directly with a prospect increases the likelihood of a conversion more than email or text. It's the moment of truth!
  • Live up to expectations.
    More often than not buyers choose companies for service delivery and reliability as well. A callback within seconds goes a long way.
  • A repeatable standard.
    Because the process does not rely on human intervention, the process is repeatable every time. Up your game the easy way!

Fastest Response Time

Have clients dictate when they get called.

One of your users or prospects is on your website, they browse the site and they show interest. They fill in the form on your website eagerly awaiting your call or mail to take things further. Research shows that they might wait a while. In fact, it's not uncommon NEVER get phone back at all.

That's the problem AdMix is solving today. Getting people in touch within seconds of them logging an enquiry.

Easy setup

We want to minimise the amount of development needed.

By simply adding a small piece of Javascript to your site, you can have your website's form hooked up with your AdMix account and ready to roll.

  • Different branches/contacts? Totally possible!
  • Complicated form? Let's get in touch, our assistance is inclusive.

Leverage customer engagement easier than ever.

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