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AdMix was established from the digital agency DotSlash with over a decade in digital innovation helping companies launch and grow online.
Our mission is to improve business communication and the customer experience.

In 2017 AdMix combined years of notes and wish-lists and created a system that could address the shortfalls present in the market. We imagined a future aided by more efficient and impactful communication built through the hard work and experience of the AdMix team.

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Our winning team

The AdMix Team is comprised of a diverse multitalented team highly knowledgeable in serial entrepreneurship, sales, marketing, UX and digital development.

With a myriad of experience, we can ensure AdMix is both specialised to fit your individual needs as well as universally adaptable to any business across any industry.

We are all big supporters of the Kaizen philosophy when going about our daily things.

What we solve

We are committed to improving the quality of voice communication in businesses ranging from infrastructure to conversation intelligence.

Reporting on calls has been a major problem for many industries with calls being integral to revenue generation. We often heard these issues discussed at conferences, seminars and industry events but no one was ever ready to take action… except for AdMix.

Boardwalk Office Park, Block 4,
100 Eros Road, Faerie Glen,
Pretoria, Gauteng

060 052 8806

Leverage customer engagement easier than ever.

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