Our success metrics ensure
you see the big picture.

Success is rarely defined as just one thing, and it is therefore that we don't just want
to give you one metric to work with in understanding your customer engagement.

  • Financial

  • Customer Experience

  • Conversions

  • Staff Efficiency

  • Marketing Reach

Cost per Enquiry

Enquiries from Pamphlets & Billboards indicate marketing budget wastage. Budget can be spent on Website or Google Ads with better returns.

Spend only on what works.

Know the financial impact of each marketing decision you make.

Business decisions get made with mostly money in mind. In a perfect world this is easy, but more often than not some areas are more gray and complicated thus requiring more sophisticated insights.

Customer Experience

Brag about your awesome customer satisfaction.

Quality of contact is often more important than quantity. Happy customers promotes loyalty and increases spending. AdMix helps you nurture customer experiences at your engagement touchpoints.

Experience ratings by customers (0 - Bad, 5 - Great)

Improvement seen in engagement scores from October onwards.

Global conversion ratio

Improvement over conversion ratio of 230%.
Conversion Rates

Guarantee more conversions.

Reaching people is not enough, you want them to convert. Every marketing area operates with different challenges - make sure you choose the area that sees you reap the most value.

Marketing Reach

Ensure you reach more customers.

Reaching new audiences does not happen at every front. Some marketing tend to reach existing clients rather than fresh prospects. Admix makes it clear where your new audiences are.

Existing Customers
New Customers

Response times

Staff Performance

Monitor your staff efficiency.

Perhaps the area you have most control over is the hardest to improve. AdMix sheds light on strong team members and helps you identify those who hold you back.

Leverage customer engagement easier than ever.

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