Connect your calls to the power of
the internet

You can pull reports, record calls, rate calls,
or even start brewing your coffee with a phone call.


Integrations with almost anything

Integrate with anything

Staying true to our goal of giving you the power of the internet with your phone calls, AdMix Talk gives you integration possibilities with just about anything via our integration partner Zapier.

Compare the elements you track

Call Analytics

Get a deeper understanding of how calls impact your business and where optimisations can be made. Verify improvements and marketing choices. We have the biggest call tracking implementation in Africa.

record your calls effortlessly

Record your calls with your customers

Learn from the calls that come in that do well, learn from those that don't. Playback is an absolute breeze.

Feature Spotlight

Click to Call for unparalleled response times

Form submissions will never be the same, allowing you to get in touch with them within seconds.

It's a win-win, your sales rep's response time is basically instantaneous, and the client's needs are met from the very first interaction. It is one of the most impactful features in the market, and we are allowing it to happen on just about any site with no development requirements.

click to call on your website is such a score

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